Diet for good eyesight

Posted: December 9th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Did you know that about your sight you can take care by the proper nutrition? Current lifestyle does not affect well for the health of our eyes.

Sitting for hours in front of computers at work and then at home, watching TV, surfing in his spare time on the internet, smoking a lot of cigarettes, even passively, by being in a smoky room nicotine. It is not surprising that already 10 million Poles use glasses or contact lenses, and a large portion of people who should it immediately begin.

Meanwhile, you can take care of the eyes from the inside, using a proper diet, which should be balanced and provide eyes everything they need for a long and healthy to serve us. So they need to deliver large amounts of vitamins and those naturally, we may find in most of fruits and vegetables, which should be a large and integral part of our diet, especially vitamin A, included in carrots, spinach, or red pepper, should be important to us. To our eyes can function in a good way, the diet must be rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as include wholegrain cereals.You should not eat large quantities of light, because your eyes need a dose of fat.

It should be also remembered that vitamins A and E are soluble in fats. Dairy products they are not a good source of them, if we only buy 0% fat versions. We can not be afraid to lubricate good bread with margarine or butter. Adding a variety of vegetable oils, and 2 times a week, let’s make portion of oily fish for the dinner.

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