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In this diet there is only one, very simple rule. It is based on the fact that in the course of it, we eat 5 full meals per day, and each of them will contain the products in an amount to match the size of our clenched fist.

Nutritionists advise that this diet plan at the same time was connected with the exception of the daily diet of fats, meat and white bread. In this diet beyond each small meal and snack, such as, for example fruit and vegetables, it is treated as a separate meal. Advantages handful diet based on the fact that they develop a diet very useful habit of eating regularly, more or less at the same time of day.

The size of one meal should roughly correspond to the size of a clenched fist, which corresponds to a volume of about 250 ml or 250 g weight. Initially, we may think that this amount is not enough for our needs, and in fact our body will demand more food, but if we can survive this stage, we soon find that your stomach will not cry for more, and we will satiated by eating much less than before.

During the handful diet extremely important is consuming adequate amounts of fluids, preferably in its duration, we should drink non-carbonated mineral water, bitter tea or herbal infusions, sweet and carbonated drinks are strongly prohibited. Unfortunately, this diet has its side effects, which include frequent fatigue, sleep problems, bowel, and apathy caused by malnutrition.

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