Montignac Diet

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This is not another severe and strict diet, compliance with which is associated with many sacrifices and mental discomfort, on the contrary it is pleasant and very easy to use.

Montignac, his feeding system based on the belief that the causes of weight gain are not very large amount of calories in our meals, but their improper compose. The basis of the diet is to put food on the table according to their glycemic index (GI), which determines the level of glucose in the blood. These carbohydrates are divided into good and bad.

The first phase of weight loss is quite easy for us to bear, the body is getting used to a new kind of food and weight loss, does not require restrictions on the amount of food, just as it is when we try to account for every calorie. During this stage, we do not limit your meals, and only care about the lowest GI products contained therein, breakfasts we create so that they are rich in carbohydrates, while lunch in fats and protein.

In the second stage, when our bodies have become accustomed to a diet and burned some fat stores begin to maintain this effect permanently, for this purpose should continue to pay attention to the glycemic index, but from time to time you can afford to eat foods that contain large amounts of sugars, even white sugar and honey which are absolutely prohibited in the first phase. However, it is important, that after such gluttony for a few days return to the diet as a first step, in order to be cleansed of its remaining effects.

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