Diet by Melanie Griffith

Posted: December 15th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This famous Hollywood celebrity, actress and wife of Antonio Banderas, like many women fought for it to maintain an ideal weight and appearance, and greatly helped her for giving up diet consisting of fats, and large meals eaten, for example, 3 times a day for food much more frequently, but in smaller portions.

She expelled from their diet products such as butter, mayonnaise, sauces fattening, of greasy, heavy meat such as for example lamb or pork. They have been replaced by low-calorie products such as yogurts, juices of fruits and vegetables, cereal bars, processed fruits and vegetables, rice, small amounts of potatoes, all raw, or cooked by steaming. Melanie Griffith diet is monotonous, as it provides us with all the necessary nutrients and it can be used without any time restrictions. It allows for a slow, but very effective shedding extra pounds, without worrying about the yo-yo effect.

Meals while are eaten during this diet, as has been written before, you should eat as much as possible, Melanie Griffith ate 5 or 6 a day, also using the rule that the last of the food can be eaten not after 8 p.m., then you can only drink the juice thick fruit and vegetables, but do not allow yourself to eat at night, or to snack, because it can very easily become our bad habit that will eventually lead to weight gain and completely destroy the obtained results of our diet.

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