Egg diet

Posted: December 15th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This diet is very simple, because it consists in almost entirely of hard-boiled eggs, which are the basis of every meal.

Every day you should eat 6 eggs, two at each meal and thus, using egg menu for several days you can even get rid of a few pounds. This diet reduces absorption of carbohydrates by the body, and provides a large amount of proteins, and therefore weight loss and is a fairly high rate, it is ensured even at the level of 5 kg in a few days. Unfortunately, as in the case of many food diet consisting of only one type of food, there may be unpleasant side effects of weight loss.

They include most often occur – fatigue, general weakness of the body, including the reduction of resistance, problems with bad breath and digestive system. The thing which is also dangerous is the high level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood, which can easily result in eating large quantities of eggs.

If we are healthy and aware of what consequences are related to the transition to such a diet, it shouldn’t be any objections for its use, however, we should be aware that the lost weight will only get rid of the effect of residual water in our body, and although at the end of the diet will be able to push a lot smaller clothes than normal, then as soon as we return to our previous eating habits, along with a diverse diet lost kilograms will come back.

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