5 Ways to Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Summer is a time when you willingly expose your skin to the sun to give it a beautiful, golden tan. But keep in mind that the sun’s rays can cause your skin more harm than good. Therefore it is important to adequately protect skin from the sun to avoid painful burns, strokes, premature wrinkles and other nasty problems.


Sunscreen is essential. Without it better not move out from the house on sunny days, not to mention going on a beach. Even people with tanned skin should use a cream with SPF of at least 5-10. By contrast, people whose skin reacts to sun rash and have practically no tan at all, should use the highest possible protection, at least 30-40 SPF. Cream lubricates both body and face, but use it not later than 20 minutes before exposing to the sun, otherwise the cream will not work.

Tanning time

The first sun bath should not last longer than 15 minutes. Skin gets used to the sun you gradually. The least suitable time for tanning is between the hours of 10 and 13 Then the sun’s rays are strongest, it’s easy to burn and have a stroke.


Not everyone knows that the effective protection of skin from the sun is also the use of proper diet. The products, which you should avoid include the celery, parsley, lemon balm and infusions of St. John’s wort. These products increase the skin sensitivity to sunlight. In addition, you can protect your skin from within, by taking special medications available in pharmacies without a prescription.


While protecting your skin from harmful sunlight, you should not forget about the delicate skin on your head. On the beach it is better to wear a hat, cap, or even a scarf, if you want to avoid the risk of stroke.

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