5 Ways to Get the Best Skin Tan

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Beautiful, golden tan that remains can add a lot of charm, however safe tanning requires a proper preparation. Otherwise we can catch solar burns that are dangerous to health. Below a few principles of safe tanning are presented.

Sun Filter

For safe tanning having appropriate cream with the filter is the most important thing. A north-European type has blue eyes, milk-rosy complexion and red or blonde hair. Such people should use tanning cream with the filter of 25-30 for first few days, gradually it is possible to descend to SPF 10-15. The Central-European type is characterized by a quite swarthy complexion and dark hair. The most appropriate factor for this type it at first 10-15, then it is possible to apply 8-10, and after a few days 4-5. If our type is South-European, that is a swarthy complexion, black hair and brown eyes, we must also shelter the skin from the sun, with cream with the filter 8-10, and after a few days 4-5. Let us remember to use cream at least 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. It is necessary also to undertake adequate protection of the sensitive skin of children. Creams intended for them have completely different composition than cosmetologies for adults.

Beech time

Do not go out in the sun between ten and one o’clock. At that time the sun is the strongest and you can easily burn your skin and get a stroke. On the first day of sunbathing, you should not stay in the sun longer than 15 minutes. The skin must be gradually accustomed to the sun.


Cosmetics on the beach, other than for safety reasons, i.e. providing safe tanning, are completely unnecessary, and in addition can cause irritation and discoloration. So it is better not to apply colorful cosmetics at all, and certainly do not use cosmetics that contain alcohol. Avoid using deodorants and perfumes.


Adequate protection of the head from the sun is very important, especially for small children. No cap, hat or even a scarf on their head can cause a stroke.


A pair of sunglasses will provide you with safe tanning and eye protection against harmful rays. Cheap sunglasses, bought on the street are not an option,because you will hurt yourself. Let us not be misled by street sellsmen who claim their glasses have a filter. For proper glasses providing sun protection you need to go to the optician.

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