6 tips on How to Choose a Lipstick Color

Posted: October 21st, 2012 | Author: | Cosmetics

Beautiful lips like nothing else will attract male attention. However, it in order to achieve a really spectacular effect, you need to know what lipstick color highlights your beauty perfectly. We describe a couple of ways which will help you choose the color of lipstick.

Narrow mouth

Those who have thin lips should avoid dark lipstick at all cost, because it makes the lips seem even narrower. It is better to choose natural, translucent colors. To enhance the lips, it’s good to use a liner in a shade similar to the color of the mouth, and whole lips painted pale pink, peach or beige lipstick. Even more bloated lips can be achieved by adding a drop of lipgloss, applied in the middle part of the lips.

Full lips

Women with full lips may consider themselves truly lucky. They also have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the color of lipstick. Both light and dark shades match their complexion, you must remember that full lipsshould not be further emphasized otherwise the effect will come out cheesy. So it is better to give up lip liner tracing, and also recommended sparing use of lip gloss. Ladies with full lips look great in lipsticks in colors of red, pink, berries.


For delicate blonde beauty warm and pastel shades of pink are a match. As for the red, it is better to choose a shade of coral with a little bit of orange.

Brown haired woman

A great solution for the color of lipstick for brown haired women are warm, peach and light brown tones. Lipstics in colours of pink with a little bit of red will also look well.

Red hair

Redhead women are recommended to use beige lipstick, which is almost orange, brown pink. Red also is the most suitable for the flaming hair, but it should be with a little bit of orange, clay, or rust.


Catching red brown or a variety of purple is a perfect way for choosing lipstick color for brunettes. In addition, dark-haired ladies will look great with their mouth painted for the color of chocolate, raspberry, or burgundy.

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