4 pieces of advice how to care for leather shoes

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Leather shoes look beautiful, but the fact that you spent the fortune on them, doesn’t mean that you will enjoy their appearance and durability for a long time. Only appropriate treatments make your leather shoes will always look like new. We advise how to care for leather shoes.


Unfortunately, the leather shoes are not resistant for the actions of weather factors and they easily leak. Before you start cleaning and maintaining the footwear, you have to dry them well. It’s necessary to put shoetree into a drying footwear in order to prevent their deformation.


Before you start maintaining of footwear, it‘s important to thoroughly clean any dirt: mud, dust. To clean the shoes, especially that made of nubuck or suede, it’s the best to use a special brush from bristle or rubber. Smooth, grain or patent leather we clean with a little bit wet cloth, or you can equipped yourself in a special moistened tissue for leather footwear.


Anyone, who knows, how to care for leather shoes, never forgets to clean them regularly. It’s worth spending a few minutes on it, your shoes rewarding you a wonderful look. Invest in a paste, matched specifically with the type and colour of leather, from which the footwear is made. After cleaning the shoes, wait until they will dry and polish them with a soft cotton cloth.


The last step of care of leather shoes is their maintenance. Thanks to it, the leather will be much more durable, won’t over-dried and will not crack. Equipped yourself in universal means to impregnate shoes, or look for one, which matches with leather type, from which your shoes are made. Apply a thick layer of impregnate, wait until it will be absorbed and remove the debris with a soft cloth.

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