3 pieces of advice how to match the underwear with outfit

Posted: October 5th, 2012 | Author: | Fashion

Well-matched lingerie will not only allow you to avoid gaffes, but it also can help to shape the silhouette and visually deduct a few pounds. We suggest how to choose underwear to outfit in order to look well in any situation.

Slimming Pants

This wonderful invention is equipped with a special belt, which helps to flatten the belly and emphasize the waist. These pants can be worn actually under every type of outfit, in which we don’t show the belly. Of course, we can’t count on miracles – pants don’t fulfill their role, if the belly is really prominent.


The petticoat is already a little bit forgotten element of a woman’s wardrobe. A pity, because thanks to it, figure looks much slimmer. If you haven’t got a figure of the model, and you want to put on tight-fitting dress, the petticoat is the perfect solution for you. Thanks to it, the fat won’t “pour”, the breasts will be nicely raised, and the belly will be flatten.

Bras for the special tasks

It makes no difference whether you are dealing with bare shoulders, low neckline or bare backs. There will always be an advice how to choose underwear to outfit. For dresses with bare backs perfectly match the bra with a low snap, which cross at the waist level. If the back is completely exposed, this bra is not enough. Then you can be tempted to bra with transparent back or special silicone cups fastened in the front. Do you want to wear a shirt with a bold neckline? Just invest in a bra with a deep and wide indentation. While before getting dressed in neck-built-up shirt with bare arms, put on a bra, which looks as the top of a swimsuit- its straps surround your neck. Thanks to it you will help to avoid the problem of the straps sticking out under the blouse, which looks very unsightly.

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