5 solutions for dry skin care

Posted: July 24th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

The dry skin owner should carefully take care of it in order to avoid premature appearance of wrinkles on it, or continuous irritations. In order to keep young and moisturized face skin for the long time, it is worth to find out how the dry skin care should look like.

Daily care

The dry skin should be cleaned in the morning and evening, preferably using the boiled, lukewarm water, or thermal water. An alternative is to use a cosmetic cream or lotion, and even regular boiled milk. Absolutely do not use to wash alkaline soap because they irritate the skin instead of clean it.


Moisturizing creams are good solutions for dry skin care, because they prevent the rapid formation of wrinkles and skin irritation. The creams should be applied after cleansing the face, because then it is properly prepared to receive the ingredients contained in cosmetics. We must also remember not to choose a cream based on petrolatum, because it does not absorb into the skin.


We have to choose a range of masks available in drugstores, but also a lot of them we can prepare at home. Great soothing and smoothing functions has, for example, flaxseed mask. We pour the tablespoon of flaxseed with a glass of boiling water, then we leave it to cool. Thick mash is applied on a damp face for about 20 minutes. We achieve the effect of the smoothed skin also with oatmeal mask. We mix ground oatmeal with two teaspoons of honey and egg yolk. We apply the mash on the face for about 10 minutes. It is worth to apply the mask also on the neck and neckline. After 10 minutes we wash the face with lukewarm and then cold water. Moisturizing functions has also cucumber mask. Just slice the cucumber thin and lay them on the face. After 20 minutes take off slices, without washing the skin.


Exercising the facial muscles is an excellent way to care for a dry skin. These exercises should be based primarily on pushing the cheeks out and make “the beak” from the lips. Facial gymnastics will help prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles.


Dry skin requires a proper diet. Rapid weight loss will highlight the wrinkles and folds on the skin. At the dry skin you need to eat food rich in A vitamin , or vegetables, liver, yeast, butter, milk, fruits, and above all peaches and apricots. The moisturizing of the skin from the inside is also very important, that is, drink a lot of water, at least half a liter a day.

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