Timeshare – how not to get to frame?

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Timeshare is a range of very interesting and tempting, especially if fancied some space. In deciding “helps” the fact that we generally get caught during holidays, and decisions must be made quickly because of the promotion or another occasion that always faster to take our decision.

Eduardo Amorim / photo on flickr

Eduardo Amorim / photo on flickr

The first thing we should remember is that you read the contract and conversion of funds, we will have to pay. Another thing which is worth to remember that 10-day period during which we can without any consequences to cancel the contract timesharing. Simply submit a written statement at the entrepreneur’s will to that effect. An entrepreneur cannot at this than we need so-called handling fees. The contract is treated as if it had never been entered into.

After all, before you make a decision to find out the name of an entrepreneur who wants to sign a contract with us. You may also find it on the network and avoid the uncertain business. This particular market is full of dishonest people, that is why it is good to know the names of several organizations time sharing fair and see if our counterparty is a member of one of them. Membership in organizations such as the RDO (Resort Development Organization) is almost synonymous with guaranteed quality of service.

Additional advice is accurate comparison to what the agent promised us with what we signed. Please note that in case there was a meeting at the court will apply only document that we signed, we will not be able to prove that we were promised something else. The basic precaution when signing such agreements should be the preparation and organization. If we are not prepared and do not have the knowledge or information that is necessary to decide on the offer it is best to wait. Although we are often attracted by promotions “just for today” it on purpose, they usually do not offer us a bargain price, and make sure that we do not have time to read through the fine print is written.

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