The financial benefits of marriage.

Posted: September 10th, 2013 | Author: | Money

Love between two people is one of the most beautiful things you can imagine. In general, such a link is sealed by marriage, although recently more and more often you can meet people living together without formalizing their relationship. Although you can love without marriage, marriage brings tangible benefits.

Emmanuele Contini / photo on flickr

Emmanuele Contini / photo on flickr

It sounds awfully for some, but in my opinion much better to create a couple of prosperity than poverty. Especially, that while living together, we will need a lot of things. For example the home equipment. And few more pounds never hurt anyone. Until recently, you could count on a mortgage with a premium in the form of the Family on its own. A lot of people decided to or accelerated the decision to get married. Although the program no longer exists, it is worth remembering that marriage has a much higher credit score, and thus a much better chance of getting a mortgage. Marriages are also much more reliable in the case of any other loans.

In addition, a significant benefit may include joint assessment of taxes. The amounts of unencumbered income tax in this case add up, which may result, for example, that going to make it in the first tax threshold, at a time when the settlement of an independent snagged the second. Anyone who has ever faced a tax threshold knows that it is a big expense.

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