3 tips to prepare a healthy dinner

Posted: February 12th, 2013 | Author: | Health Care

Not all of us know that dinner is just as important a meal as breakfast. Of course, it should not be so abundant as the first meal, but it is easy to prepare a good healthy dinner, and it will make it easier for sleep, as well as protect against so-called. nocturnal hypoglycemia. So explore a few steps to prepare a healthy dinner.


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Choosing the right products

As you know, dinner should be light. That’s why you need to know which products are better for sure. It is not just a greasy, heavy food, but also fruits and vegetables, which, although very healthy, not all can be consumed in the evening. These are definitely cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, legumes, pears, bananas, hot spices.


Preparing a healthy dinner, as well as other valuable food, cannot be done without animal protein. This can be lean meat, dairy, eggs, fish, whole-grain breads, vegetables, fruits.


As already mentioned, our table cannot be too abundant, in contrast to the breakfast. The perfect dinner is one that gives a feeling of satiety, but leaves a slight shortage.

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