How to clean marble surfaces?

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Marble surfaces should be cleaned regularly. They should be washed delicately with warm water and dried carefully with a cloth. You can also dry them with chamois, as it prevents smudges.


Once or twice a year (depending on the situation) you need to clean the marble with warm water and with the addition of a detergent, however make sure it’s not too strong. After that the marble needs to be dried. A thin layer of wax protects marble surfaces, but it is not necessary to apply it. If you, however, decide to wax the surface, use colorless wax. Colored wax might make the surface yellowish.

You can also use a special sealing for marbles, which should only be used on a clean surface. The sealing will protect marble surface from stains and make it much easier to clean with just a soft, moistened cloth. Matte marble can be restored with special detergents designed for polished and marble surfaces. It is worth buying such a detergent in a company that deals in marble. Such companies should have at their disposal even the most obscure detergents designed for foreign, fragile marbles. A product bought at such a company should be safe and effective.

If the marble surface was damaged or scratched, you may try to fix it by means of powdered zinc oxide, also known as powdered putty. You will also need a grinder stone that can be wrapped with a moistened cloth, so that you can moisten the polished surface. If you don’t have a grinder stone, you can use a different stone or a piece of marble. Electrical grinder will also do. If the damage is too serious, you need to contact an expert.

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