What is a Timeshare?

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Lovers of packages in the tropics will have already met with the problem of choosing a suitable residence for the duration of your stay. One solution to these problems is known as time-sharing service.

Chris JL / photo on flickr

Chris JL / photo on flickr

What does this mean? Roughly based on the fact that we pay a flat-rate for access to a particular property at a given time. Differs from timeshare rental that is paid for a much longer term. This fee applies, for example, the fact that every year in the first week of July we will be greeted chosen property, which at this time is only for us, and we are the owners of the shares in it. The problem is that applications for such services often distils at a time when they are on vacation, and their decisions are not fully thought through. Agreements are long, and in a foreign language is not difficult to mistake. It’s easy for it to get caught on the hook.

Keep in mind that timeshare is a long-term contract, which brings a lot of inconvenience. The first one is that in order to fully benefit from the offer, we still go to the same place, which not everyone responds. The second is that the time frames are clearly defined and if any complications, disease and blockade of airports, we will not be able to spend time in your favorite spot, and the fee forfeited.

The solution is supported by the significant reduction in the costs that can be reduced by up to several tens of percent in comparison to what we have to pay for an organized tour in a travel agency. Also always be able to count on the fact that paid for the apartment will be waiting for us (of course, within the paid period), so I eliminated the need to search for accommodation and exercise book. Offers timesharing can be very attractive in appearance, but it is worth first be aware of them, because this form is not well known, and thus it is difficult to avoid the various abuses.

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