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Posted: November 29th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Nutritionists are still not cease in our efforts to try to find a diet that will combine a very good weight loss results in each of those people with very large nuisance, as well as the short time necessary for its application.

Although diet-miracle has not yet managed to find out quite a good weekly diet seem to be that due to its intensity, it brings very good results and in addition can be repeated from time to time to enhance the effect. These supplements can be used by most of the people, of course, as in any case, there should be also consulted with your doctor first.

It is recommended to eat more grits, cereals and dark bread, reducing dairy products to the thinnest, as well as increasing the amount of eaten vegetable basket instead of meat, the important thing is that vegetables should not be fried in deep fat, and preferably should be grilled. In the course of this diet it is worth  to help ourselves by using a few simple tricks to keep away from snacking, thereby reducing the effects of weight loss, especially unacceptable is snacking during cooking, it is important to serve dishes on small plates, which of course there is less food, but the effect of consciousness “eaten plate” is the same.

This diet is based on fishes, poultry and salads, both made from vegetable and fruit. We also recommend drinking coffee with a thin milk every day, especially for breakfast, and fruit juices for lunch.

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