Strawberry Diet

Posted: November 29th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

This diet is enjoyable for everyone, because it contains fruits that are very popular and widely liked, is aimed at losing a few pounds of fast. Diet does not have any objection, however, you can only use it for a short period of time, about which we will write later.

During the three days of its application, strawberries are our essential food and they are added to each meal, for example, for breakfast we eat 20 decagrams strawberries with a light yoghurt, drinking herbal tea, while the dinner dish can be strawberry sauce schnitzel, or omelet with strawberries, as a supper we can eat stuffed melon or strawberries with mozzarella cheese.

Strawberry diet is very effective in weight loss, as in the course of them to meals containing a very small amount of calories. Another big advantage is the fact that it is simply delicious, you don’t have to eat anything you do not like, and most of us are very fond of strawberries in each except character. Because of the fact that this is a single-component diet, too long application could therefore be dangerous for the body, because strawberries are not able to provide all necessary nutrients needed to the correct functioning of the organism and for this reason, the diet should not be applied longer than three days. Of course, after several days or longer break, during which you will eat all things needed for the correct body functioning, you can return to your strawberry diet.

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