Spring diet

Posted: November 29th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Another name for this diet is a spring vegetable diet. It is usually initiated during the spring, when a lot of people with horror realizes that the winter months left marks on their bodies in the form of extra inches and pounds.

Then, a lot of people have an extra, highly motivated to lose weight in order to travel to their body returns to a more attractive appearance. Spring diet is recommended for all persons, regardless of age, gender etc.. It is so much enjoyable that involves lots of fresh vegetables, spring vegetables, which are rich in vitamins and fiber, and also, in turn, regulate and accelerate metabolism, which often interfere with the winter months. So let’s eat, of course, things like cress, young chives or bean sprouts and radish, large quantities of lettuce and spinach, fresh herbs, parsley and dill.

In the course of the spring diet do not forget about cereal products, which are rich in fiber and regulating the operation of our digestive systems. It is enough to enrich our breakfast with a small amount of oatmeal, millet or barley, enrich dinner with brown ric and buckwheat, while for supper are recommended sandwiches with multigrain breads and brown. Instead of pork fat it is good to introduce lean poultry and fishes. Combining spring diet with the exercise or other physical activity, such as running or swimming may give very good results addressing.

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