Original ideas for the decoration of Christmas table

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During Christmas we spend  a lot of time sitting at the table. So let’s make it a little Christmas atmosphere, and add an unusual decoration. View  theideas for decorating the Christmas table. The colors  of Christmas are  primarily red, green, silver and gold. White tablecloth will provide an excellent background.

PetitPlat - Stephanie Kilgast / photo on flickr

PetitPlat – Stephanie Kilgast / photo on flickr

The simplest way to decorate the table is spread on it tiny balls and decorations in Christmas colors.  Natural decorations such as sprigs of holly, pine cones, or nuts will also present wonderfully. You can decorate it with gold or silver spray paint, ribbons, beads. Very original idea for decorating Christmas table is a tiny piece of yarn. You can get a miniature cap and scarf, in which you Dress a  bottle, or the sock for  Santa Claus as a cover for cutlery.

Also, the usual napkins, can create a beautiful ornament at the Christmas table . The serviettes can have, for example,  a colorful little detail which is usually associated with Christmas, and  can be folded in a fancy origami. Consider also the interesting pads under the plates. You can use plain, colorful paper, and cut out Christmas patterns. Candles are always fashionable and are a beautiful decoration of Christmas table. You can find candles in unique form, or you can  carve them yourself from a soft wax. If you prefer the classic candles, match them for a example with a color of napkins.

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