Nettle good for skin, hair and nails maintenance

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Nettle extracts are used as components of shampoos and preparations for hair care. You can massage the skin of your head with preparation of nettle. This procedure reduces the tension of the skin, improves circulation, is  healing in diseases of the head’s skin, helps heal dandruff, seborrhea, strengthens the hair.


marfis75 / photo on flickr

marfis75 / photo on flickr

Chlorophyll from a nettle’s leaf is used to mitigate facials and beauty tonics. It is also added to cosmetics that treat radiation sickness. Formerly treatments were applied with two weeks nettle juice. Nettle is also used in diets. It a salty taste to the dishes, because it contains organic salts which do not cause the load of kidney.

Nettle is used in cosmetics to care and protect skin. It constricts blood vessels, stops bleeding, reduces excessive sweating, helps to cure ringworm, egzema, burns and dermatitis. In cosmetics, there is often used a nettle oil. Nettle chlorophyll is placed in ingirdients of many creams, masks and tonics. Nettle creams, nettle tincture, essential nettle, nettle revitalizing baths have a beneficial effect on the improvement of the skin, hair and nails.

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