Most fashionable accessories for winter 2013

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According to the popular saying: the devil is in the details. Therefore, if you want to look fashionable in the winter, pay special attention to the choice of toppings. Especially for you we present the most interesting and the most fashionable accessories for the winter 2013. Let’s primarily bet on the additives that are indispensable in winter – gloves, scarf and hats.

arcreyes [-ratamahatta-] / photo on flickr

arcreyes [-ratamahatta-] / photo on flickr

We are mainly intended to protect against bitter frost, but why not take the opportunity to use them to show a  your good taste and style? When it comes to gloves, classic is still on top. It is worth to invest in a decent leather gloves in classic black, or very popular for several seasons bold colors, such as fiery red, deep violet and cobalt. Most fashionable patterns that appear on the gloves are animal motifs, stripes and Norwegian patterns. Very fashionable are also accessories decorated with fur. With the fur gloves certainly won’t get cold, but also you will become a true icon style. Sometimes such little details can add gloves charm. In this season feminine bows, zippers, buttons, buckles are fashionable. Looking for  fashionable hats for the winter?

Here are some styles that should be taken into account. First of all, cap that covers the ears. You won’t be scary to get out even in the severest winter, especially if the cap is lined soft, super trendy fur. Very popular are also wool caps with a thick weave or openwork pattern resembling, those which grandmother sew us to knit as a child. Decorated with a tassel, in cheerful designs and colors are very fashionable back to the past. If you fancy a bit of elegance and style, opt for the classic beret. If you combine it with a jacket, you will look like native Parisian. Henceforth, the fashionable scarves. As we mentioned earlier, fur accessories and decorations are now a true must-have, so you should think about a warm scarf, made of artificial  fur.

Another trend this season are thick strands and openwork patterns. Perfectly complement both ordinary winter jacket and elegant coat. A real winner are the chimneys – they are not only to scarf but also hats, because this is an invaluable addition to icy cold. Wondering what patterns should appear on fashionable scarf? At the top there are animal motifs, Scandinavian patterns, ethnic, bars, grille. As for colors, saturated juicy colors dominate.  If you prefer more subdued shades, choose the super-trendy caramel or beige.

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