Mask for dry skin

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Masks must be applied to clean skin. Use them regularly, once a week preferably. To make the mask you must use only fresh products, so that their nutritional value is the highest. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed in suitable proportions before application to the skin.

camerakarrie / photo on flickr

camerakarrie / photo on flickr


Never leave the pulp to use for the next day. The value of such preparation is then zero, and may even harm the skin. Note that the mask with fresh fruit can cause allergies and skin irritation. Before applying the mask on the face, it is good to take sensitization test, for example on the skin behind the ear.

The mask can be kept on your face for about 15-20 minutes. Then rinse the mask with  boiled or bottled water . Very effective are masks of fruit, with honey, with cream, with yogurt. You can buy ready-made face masks at the stores with cosmetics. Alternatively, you can make your own mask at home. Fruit masks restore flexibility of skin, restore its normal structure. They nourish, restore natural shine, they give a feeling of coolness, clear imperections of your skin and smooth it, improve microcirculation, make the the skin very soft.

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