How to Start the New Year 2014 without a hangover

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After enjoying champagne at The New Year’s Eve here comes the much less pleasant morning. After a lavish party during the New Year, you wake up with a horrible headache, sick to the stomach, and with the mouth is dry like a desert. If you do not want to to welcome the first day of the new year in this state, be sure to use some of our advice.

amirjina / photo on flickr

amirjina / photo on flickr

First of all, under any circumstances, do not choose to drink alcohol on New Year’s party on an empty stomach. Eat something greasy, but they must be based fats animal – not without reason sandwich with lard is a perfect appetizer for vodka in Poland. Eatchcken broth soup or scrambled eggs with bacon. Before leaving the house, drink a glass of whole milk.  During the event also occasionally eat something. Avoid, however, irritating your  stomach with snacks – potato chips, salty pretzels, or nuts. Your help in the fight against hangover is vitamin C.

If they serve fruit at the party, fill up plates with the oranges, mandarins or grape-fruits. A good idea is to sip water with  addition of lemon. It will not only hydrate you, but also will protect from a terrible headache the next day. After finishing the event, before going to bed, drink a glass of milk or water with lemon juice. An important rule is that you absolutely have to follow the rule of not mixing the different alcohol types. However, if you fancy a beer and something stronger, such as whiskey, drink whiskey first, wait a bit, have a drink of water or juice and then reach for the beer. The principle is that the first drink is a stronger alcohol. Never mix strong alcohol with champagne and wine because the bubbles only increase the absorbed by you BAC. So while raising a New Year’s toast, just drink a tiny bit..

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