How to remove lipstick stains?

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In order to remove lipstick stains from fabrics or clothes, gently scrape the excess of it, but be careful to not to spread the lipstick and make the stain bigger.


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Apply a stain remover on a soiled  spot and wash the clothing at possibly highest temperature for the fabric. If spots appear on a white material, you can try using bleach, but if soiled clothes are colorful, use only bleach for colored fabrics. Immediately after removing them from the washing machine, check if the stain disappeared. If it is necessary, repeat the whole process. Do not tumble dry clothes, if the stain has not disappeared completely, because it will become permanent.

To remove stains from upholstery, scrape any excess of lipstick. Also, be careful to not to increase the soiled surface. Apply some solvent with a sponge on a stain. Make sure the solvent will not damage the fabric. To do that, apply a small amount of the solvent, in less visible spot and wait until the reaction occurs. Then, apply to the stain, a clean, dry, white cloth. Press the cloth against the spots and wait until the solution will completely soak the cloth. If it is necessary, repeat pressing the cloth against the stain until it disappears. Carpet  cleaning can be carried out in the same way as the upholstery. However,  if this method is not effective, use a solution composed of two glasses of cold water, a spoonful of dish washing liquid and a spoonful of vinegar.

Apply the solution, using a sponge, and then put a clean cloth and wait until the solution is completely penetrated soaked. After removing stains from the carpet, wipe it with a sponge dipped in a cold water, then apply a clean cloth. Remember, that before removing the stains from the carpet, pre-moisten it lightly.

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