How to find your own style

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Did you know that the way you dress reflects your character? There are clothes, which just make you feel good and confident, and in other even you cannot imagine leaving home. If you are still not sure if the dress fits you, we suggest how to find your own style. First and foremost, the blind following of fashion is not a method. Your style must be unique, just as you are.

Anna Fischer / photo on flickr

Anna Fischer / photo on flickr

You can, of course inspire yourself by the fashion shows and photographs in glossy magazines. The word “inspiration” is the key. Do not passively copy fashion and adapt it to your unique style. So what is the best way to find your own style? The first step is to review the contents of your closet and remove clothes, which you did not wear at least half a year. If they are in good size, you did not wear them for one simple reason – they are not your style. Give it to someone or pack up and store, perhaps even once they are useful.

You can also convert them in such a way that they will suit your taste more – can you cut deeper neckline, sew on lace jabot, shorten the leg, change the color? Here everything depends on your imagination. Now look at clothes that are not put down and think about, why you like to wear them? Maybe you like the fabric, the way they are sewn, and perhaps the color or cut suits you most? List on the piece of paper all the qualities that you like in your clothes. Make a list of things that make you don’t feel  pleased also. List will be useful during the next purchase. You will have now in black and white, what to look for, and what better to avoid.

Remember that your lifestyle also plays an important role. Heavy trappers are unnecessary for you, no matter how fashionable they are, if you work in the office and you have to wear elegant clothes. Take also into account your type of beauty and figure and add to previously prepared list of colors and designs, which are the most suitable for you, the best highlight your strengths and hide flaws. In fact, you already know how to find your own style. There remains the issue of housing for your image. Adjust hairstyle and makeup appropriate for your type of beauty and life-style, inspired by magazines and fashion programs, if necessary, with the assistance of professionals who will help you to choose what is best for you.

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