How to dress to the theater

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There are certain situations that require us to wear appropriate clothing.The performance in the theater is one of them. The theater is an elegant place, so elegant lighting is needed. But it is easy to fall into exaggeration. So if you do not know how to dress up for the theater, below you will find practical advice. Theatrical performances are held usually in the evening, but note that this is not a party or disco, which is why some outfits are totally out of place at the theater.

Werner Kunz / photo on flickr

Werner Kunz / photo on flickr

Excluded are strongly shimmering fabric, typically disco clothes richlyembroidered with sequins or cubic zirconia,  exorbitant marrow or super short mini skirt.  Not recommended are also decked, ball taffeta gowns with corset, fur boleros.  Such costumes are rather reserved for the opera. Generally, it is best to bet on classic styles. Needless to say that the little black dress is perfect for any occasion, even to the theater.  It does not have to look boring if you will match it with great accessories. However, avoid wearing fancy hair ornaments or hats in order not to obstruct the view of those that seat in the rows behind you.  Not only a little black dress suitable just in time for the theater – especially good are other dresses and skirts.

Remember, however, that not bared too much. They should be elegant and modest. To highlight the nature of the show, you should think of satin or lace or maybe of a combination of both. It is advisable to also play with color, as long as in moderation – neon yellow creation rarely looks good, and certainly badly will present in the theater. When it comes to shoes, the best will be classic high-heeled pumps, but may well be elegant ballerinas or moccasins. A small clatch will be a perfect complement.  A large bag will not match the whole spectatle, but also you will have no idea where to put it during the show.

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