How to disinfect and bleach?

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Very effective disinfectants and detergents are made on the basis of active chlorine in the form of a concentrate.

bleachConcentrated universal disinfecting products are appropriate for a single-phase disinfection and surface cleaning even in health care facilities. These products can disinfect and bleach linen. Sodium hypochlorite is bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, tuberculicidal, and sporicidal. Sodium hypochlorite destroys microscopic fungi and yeast.

Concentrated liquid detergent and disinfectant effectively kills all species of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The new, dense cleaners adhere to the surface toilets, and when you flush the water, all the bacteria will be eliminated. Fluid disinfectant, used daily, prevents multiplying of bacteria and provides security for all household. Ingredients in the fragrance dice for the toilet have antibacterial properties, wash the toilet, and prevent the scaling. Flushing also creates abundant foam. Toilet dice are sold in a variety of scents, for example: floral, citrus, forest, or sea.

Cleaning gels and liquids for the toilet are quite cheap and effective. Specifically shaped bottle, makes it easier to apply the gel in hard to reach places. Biocidal products are appropriate for washing and disinfecting ceramic and enamel surfaces such as such as toilets, toilet bowls, sinks, baths, bidets, shower, etc., used in the household, as well as public and industrial facilities.

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