How to clean the taps?

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New batteries are always clean and shiny, but keeping such condition for a long time is not easy. A lot of modern batteries are made of brass and are covered with shining coatings. It is made up of imposed coating of a relatively thin layer of nickel chromium, which is resistant to scratches and friction.

Photo credit: gagilas / Foter / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: gagilas / Foter / CC BY-SA

This coating is sensitive to acids. Therefore, the cleaning of the valves should not include the use of harsh chemicals. Using them may be successful once or twice, on condition that the surface is extensively rinsed and dried. Otherwise, once the water vaporizes, all harsh ingredients will remain on the surface and will damage the chromium in this spot, sometimes even the nickel layer. This will create dark and ugly smudges and discolorations. Damaged taps and valves would have to be replaced with a new one.

You can also try to ask a professional to apply a new layer of chromium, but this is relatively expensive (PLN 150). For cleaning the taps and valves you can use a neutral cleaning product with the Ph of 6 – 9, e.g. liquid soap. If the fittings haven’t been cleaned for a long time and there’s no way of removing the sediment from it, you should use stronger products.

You should choose such products that are suitable for cleaning chromium, gilded or patinated layers, in a form of liquids, gels. Do not leave them on the surface for too long, though, and do not brush them too much. This might lead to cracking of the layer. In order not to damage the taps and valves, treat it very carefully and then follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer that are related with maintenance.

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