How to clean blinds properly?

Posted: July 18th, 2013 | Author: | Cleaning

In order to clean the blinds and roller-blinds you can use dishwashing liquids, cotton cloths made from old blouses as well as glistening products.

In case of plastic blinds it is worth using a bowl with warm water. Add some dishwashing liquid to the bowl (or a similar detergent). Stir it well. Take the cotton cloth or a special duster if the blinds are very dirty. You need wipe each blind separately. After cleaning the blinds from dust, you will also need to take care of various stains and other impurities. In order to do that, you need to moisten the cloth in lukewarm water with the additional of a washing liquid and then delicately wipe the stained area. After that you need to wipe it dry, so that no smudges are created. All blinds need to be treated that way.

A different method is used for wooden blinds. In order to clean them you will have to use lukewarm water with the addition of the dishwashing liquid and a glistening product (e.g. Pronto). Firstly, wipe the blinds with a moistened cloth and then wipe them dry. Then, apply a cleaning product on the cloth and wipe all blinds so that they are clean. Taking the blinds off the window might make the task easier. You can place them on the floor, so that you can clean them thoroughly. Before you do that, however, place a clean material on the floor, on which the blinds will be placed. In that way you will be able to clean the blinds thoroughly.

You can use water with the addition of a cleaning product and use a sponge that you normally use for washing dishes to clean the blinds. Remember not to make violent, sharp moves and don’t press the sponge too hard, as you may damage the blinds. Wipe the blinds dry, so that you don’t leave any smudges.

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