How to choose the best cut of jacket to match a type of figure?

Posted: September 5th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

When choosing the jacket we should be guided by several fundamental principles. Those short should not dress in long coats, heavily built-up to the neck and with a double-row.

This is because it optically shortens the silhouette, while expanding it. This type of cut is more designed for tall, thin people with small breasts. For shorter people short coats are recommended, possibly extending to the knees, with small flaps or a little collar, and if a woman has large breasts she should rather put on coats with a belt at the waist and flared downwards. This obvious emphasizing of the waist should be avoided by those who depend on masking too big a belly. Best for them will be trapezoidal cuts also extended downwards.

If it is a pear shaped figure we have, with narrow shoulders, small breasts, and a prominent ass and hips, you can select coat with wide flaps, underlined waistline with a belt and slightly expanded downwards reaching just below the buttocks or thigh. For the bigger, with big breasts are advised to wear coats of one color, preferably black, and the slim, tall and having a small bust, women in this case, can afford the more bold patterns and colors.

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