How to choose a hat for your shape of face

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Hat is an interesting and elegant accessory to your outfit. Every lady can present special and stylish in the headdress. So let’s learn how to choose a hat for your shape of face . Is your face  full, in a round shape? You will look fantastically with a hat.

...-Wink-... / photo on flickr

…-Wink-… / photo on flickr

Perfect hat for you should be shallow, witht a slightly higher head and quite wide brim. However, there is no room for exaggeration. Too big brim will optically widen the face. Hat should be the most  symmetric. Under no circumstances you should choose  a hat with streamlined, rounded shape. Always wear a hat gently skewed to the one side. This procedure will visually slim your face, give you a little nonchalant style. The hat with a circular shape cannot be worn by ladies with a rectangular face. Perfect hat for the sharply defined, long face with and  is the one with embedded low top and large brim.

It will optically shorten andslightly widen the face. Your hat should adhere as much as possible to your head. Avoid tight roundabouts. If your face is small, you should not wear a hat with a wide brim, because your face will ” drown ” in a giant hat. Tthe ideal hat for you is the one withlow top and narrow brim. Faces with a square shape can be nicely adjusted with a hat.Square face requires extending and easing sharp jaw features. To do this, pick a  hat which allows to reveal face, and has a delicate shape. The hat  should not be turned to the back of the head. Wear it high on the forehead, You can also gently skew it.

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