Great foods to pair with champagne

Posted: August 13th, 2013 | Author: | Food

Champagne is a traditional drink to welcome the New Year, and it’s hard to imagine the  New Year’s toast with another alcohol. In this article you will find out about what food will highlight the unique taste of champagne. So, read what you should serve at your New Year’s Eve party. Probably the most famous statement is  the champagne and strawberries.

nickwheeleroz / photo on flickr

nickwheeleroz / photo on flickr

But it is not only suited to these delicious fruits. Champagne likes company – and it  is not that picky. It fits perfectly with many dishes with meat, fruit, sweets. But remember to find the right kind of champagne to the dish. Dry and semi-dry champagne is best suited as an aperitif, but it also feels great in the company of meats.

The meat and cheese can also be accompanied with rose colored drink, while the cakes and desserts fit perfectly with sweet champagne. If you decide to purchase a real, expensive champagne, it requires just as exquisite food. Serve it to your guests with oysters, frog legs, caviar, and truffles. Although champagne drink is considered to be universal, not everything fits.  Never combine it with soup, herring, pickled and smoked fish, or anchovies.

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