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Prom happens once in a lifetime. It is no wonder that every girl wants to look special and beautiful on that evening. Whether you frame the pictures from the prom, or rather press them down into the drawer may be determined by several factors, including the selection of dresses. So if you want to avoid fashion blunders during such an important evening and be real prom queen, find out what are the most fashionable dresses.

Sherry's Rose Cottage / photo on flickr

Sherry’s Rose Cottage / photo on flickr

For several seasons we experience back to the 50s’ retro style. Dresses like that are very sweet and feminine, they are perfect for prom and dance madness. So if you want to feel like icon of femininity and sexiness – like Marilyn Monroe, select a dress indented in waist, with a tight bottom and American globed neck. Such a cut additionally will help you hide any figure flaws such as too wide hips and nicely highlight other feminine curves. On top are also mini dresses.

However, this is quite a risky fashion. On one hand, it emphasizes what we are unlikely to be in our body, on the other – can not be favorably adopted by the teaching staff, gathered at the prom. However, if you have well-shaped legs and do not want to hide them under a long dress, show them! But you have to remember that if you decide to wear a short down, up should already be much longer and hidden. Necklines to the navel fall definitely, and the long sleeve will be a perfect  counterweight to the exposed legs. If you decide on the more exposed up, for example, corset, cover arms with shawl or bolero.

Do you want to present on the prom really chic? Bet on maxi length! Long evening dresses are synonymous with elegance at its best style. Many associate them with a tight bodice and stiff taffeta, but that fashion long ago gone to rest. It is dominated by fine fabrics, soft flowing down a woman’s silhouette, such as silk, satin. In a long dress you can afford to deeper neckline or sexy cut back because of the fact that the legs are covered. Long dress is also a great solution for those of us who are not satisfied with the appearance of their legs. Instead, we emphasize the bust, shoulders and back.

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