Convalescence diet

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In simple words, convalescence is just putting back to health, for example, after an illness, an accident, a hospital stay or the occurrence of other factors that negatively affected on the state of our mental and physical health.

Convalescence diet

For example, despite the victory over the disease, we need a certain amount of time to fully return to our normal state, usually during this period we are accompanied by general weakness, it’s also easy to get sick. The reason for this is of course the disease, often also the process of treatment, and other factors such as stress, lack of movement, the various treatments etc..

For example, the proverbial poor hospital food it’s not really bad, but when we’re in a hospital, we lose taste and we do not want to eat. The result of this is, of course, weakness, and the possibility of malnutrition, therefore reaching health should pay close attention to what kind of meals we eat each day.

Caring for a person passing convalescence it is necessary to remember that he or she won’t be hungry, which is why food should be fed frequently, but in small quantities, often optimally in liquid or slurry, easily digestible, do not give fatty foods, fried in deep fat, as well as pickled and spicy flavored, we should also pay attention to their aesthetic appearance, which may increase hunger of convalescent person. Essential components of the body must be continuously supplied to him/her to avoid shortages, which in effect would extend the return to health.

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