Compensatory allowance

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If for because of health deterioration or injuries after an accident your ability to perform your current job will fall and you will be transferred to other, lower paid position, then you are entitled to compensatory allowance during the training time for a new job. In the case of a reduction of capacity caused by an accident at work, allowance is paid by the accident fund, and if the reason is for health reasons, then the benefit is taken from the sickness insurance.

Brandon Christopher Warren / photo on flickr

Brandon Christopher Warren / photo on flickr

Allowance is granted to us during the time of the rehabilitation and adaptation to the new job, but it cannot be paid for more than 24 months, which in most cases is inadequate. However, please note that the compensatory allowance cannot get a person who receives a pension. Even if you meet all the other conditions. Provision has a height difference between the actual earnings and what is earned on average over the last six or 12 months. The difference must be certified by relevant documents. The procedure for applying to a grant and the assessment of whether we are entitled is largely in the hands of a medical doctor of Social Security, to which we have to go for that purpose and ask for further instructions.

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