Cleanup before Easter

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House or apartment cleaning before Easter should be organized in advance, for example, a week before Easter. You will need to do general carpets vacuuming, washing windows, floors, wash curtains, blinds, and table cloths. Cleanup should be done also in the clothing racks and cabinets in the kitchen.

Photo credit: Sister72 / / CC BY

Photo credit: Sister72 / / CC BY

Eliminate grease, dust, and unnecessary items. Throw away old papers, unworn clothes, containers after used cosmetics and spices, worn boots,  unnecessary tools. Before starting the cleaning, we should plan it, for example, we will start from the kitchen, then clean the bathrooms, then the rooms, and then in the hall.

For dusting, you should start with walls, then the ceiling, radiators, furniture, and books. Surfaces which are painted with oil or emulsion paint can be cleaned with cobwebs, dust-free with the help of brush on a long stick, wrapped in a dry cloth. Many problems can cause the process of dusting the radiators, particularly the old types. In order to get to the the hard to reach places, you might want to use brush for bottle cleaning. For best results, you can wrap it in a wet cloth. Upholstered furniture can be dusted by a vacuum cleaner.

Try also water with dishwashing liquid or shampoo for cleaning upholstery. Always remember that care and cleaning process of an item depends on the materials from which the items were made. Parquet flooring can be rubbed gently with wipes or cloths. For this purpose you just need water with ammonia, without the need for rinsing and polishing. Varnished parquet can be cleaned with paste. Wood panels can polished with a special product.

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