4 homemade solutions for blackheads

Posted: July 24th, 2012 | Author: | Body Care

Blackheads are the real bane of many teenagers and people with oily complexion. However, they are not insurmountable. Just get to know homemade solutions for blackheads and enjoy a clean, radiant skin.


On the places affected by blackheads, we apply previously purchased at the drugstore cream or peeling gel, in accordance with the instructions attached to it. After this treatment the skin should be thoroughly dried and one should put a warm poulitice on it – damp towel or brewed bags of express herbs, such as chamomile. This poultice we keep on the face for about 15 minutes. Then we start squeezing the blackheads, preferably with tissue or rubber gloves. The gently pressure we direct down and then up around the blackhead. At exceptionally stubborn blackheads, it is necessary to stop squeezing and return to it after repeating the poultice.

“steam bath”

Another common home-made solutions for blackheads are so-called “steam baths”. They consist on the preparing a kind of makeshift sauna. To the pot with boiling water we throw a few bags of express herbs. We can also squeeze half a lemon into the water. Then you just lean your head over the vapors and cover yourself with a towel. Just after a few minutes, the blackheads on the face will extend and the skin will be properly prepared for squeezing the blackheads. We do it gently, without the use of force in order to not irritate the skin too much and we do it with the use of tissue or rubber gloves.


A good way to get rid of stubborn dirties is to prepare the appropriate tonic. It should contain the juice of lemon, orange and cucumber. The squeezed juices we mix with 70% cosmetic alcohol and we use it for wiping the places affected by blackheads.


Satisfactory results can brings applying on face the yeast mask. After its applying the blackheads squeezing becomes trivial. Just make a thick mash with about 2 ounce yeast and 2 tablespoons of milk. We put a mask on the face and after drying (about 20 minutes), we wash it off and begin to squeeze the blackheads.

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