3 ways to strengthen eyelashes

Posted: December 24th, 2012 | Author: | Diet

Long, strong eyelashes are a great pride of our eyes. So we need to nurture them properly, to remain beautiful. Here are a few proven ways to strengthen eyelashes.

strengthen eyelashes


First of all, get rid of mascara that can harm your eyelashes. These include, for example, water-resistant mascara. It contains ingredients that reduce the condition of eyelashes, moreover, are quite problematic when removing make-up. Often we make the mistake of grating eyelashes while washing the waterproof mascara, and it acts destructively. Use this mascara only occasionally. On a daily basis you should use good quality mascara, preferably containing nutrients.

Make-up removal

For washing the mascara use two-phased preparations, such that will not irritate the eye. Be sure not to rub eyelashes too hard. Thoroughly wash the makeup so that there’s no residual mascara on your eyelashes. Such contamination would prevent proper recovery of the eyelashes.


To strengthen eyelashes use appropriate formulations. You have a choice of many eyelash conditioners, you can also buy castor oil, which brings great results with regular use. Oil will also be the cheapest available nutrient. You have to use it every day, after removing make-up.

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