3 solutions for discoloration on the face

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The cause of discoloration is in general hyperactivity of melanocytes- the cells, which are responsible for producing the skin pigment. Ugly spots are familiar to those, who have undergone a difficult struggle with acne, or enthusiasts of sunbathing. To get rid of those unwanted imperfections of the skin, you should know the simple solutions for discoloration on the face.

Home solutions

Simple home solutions are ideal for removing shallow changes in the skin. Helpfully might be fruits and vegetables, containing organic acid, which “melted” spots on our skin. The apples, lemons, black currants, blueberries, cucumbers, and parsley belong to them. Excellent results brings the beauty masks with pineapple and papaya, the lightening properties have also bearberry, licorice smooth, or pear leaf. Herbs can be used in the form of infusions to wash the face.


With deeper and stronger discolorations, a visit in the beautician or dermatologist’s office is recommended. They will help us to choose the proper treatment, for example, chemical peels, laser treatments or microdermabrasion. For example, microdermabrasion is the mechanical abrasion of the skin with corundum or diamond shield. These treatments are ideal solutions for discoloration of the face, where the home solutions has failed. Microdermabrasion is performed in a series of four treatments at least, but the effects are already visible after the first one. The laser discoloration removal consist on the heated by the beam of laser light the discolored cells, which are dimmed, and then complete destroyed. We can expect completely unified complexion after 2 or 5 treatments.


In drug stores or pharmacies is available a wide assortment of products that will help us to remove unsightly spots from the face. After using such products, the spots gradually pale, but for the effects we have to unfortunately wait a bit.

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