Mask from lavender flowers for skin rejuvenation

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Sensitive, tired skin with breaking blood vessels is a problem of many women.

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Recipe for a mask from lavender flowers

To prepare the mask from lavender flowers you will need the following ingredients:
two tablespoons of dried lavender,
two tablespoons of dried rosemary
half a cup of boiling water,
half tablespoons of rice flour.

How to use the mask

Pour half a glass of boiling water over two tablespoons of dried lavender and two tablespoons of dried rosemary, then heat over low heat to form a thick paste. Then you will need to add half a bucket of rice flour, combined with a small amount of cold water. Put the mask on the face and neck for twenty minutes, then cover it with gauze. After twenty minutes wash the mask off from your face with warm milk, or spring water.

The mask can also be washed with carbohydrate mineral water, or boiled water, warm or cold. The mask smells of lavender, refreshes, softens, relaxes tense muscles, regenerates the skin, relieves irritation, and regains elasticity to flagging skin. You can spread a light moisturizing cream on the cleansed face.

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