Rosemary mask for sensitive skin

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Problems – tired, gray, irritated and sensitive skin, and puffiness, dark circles under the eyes.

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Recipe for a mask from rosemary

To prepare the mask you will need the following components:
two teaspoons of rosemary
raw egg yolk,
three tablespoons of thick cream,
three tablespoons of almond flakes.

How to use the mask

Mix two teaspoons of rosemary thoroughly with raw egg yolk, and three tablespoons of thick cream and three tablespoons of almond flakes. The mask should be placed onto a dish and warmed up in a pot immersed in water. Do not put those ingredients in the microwave. The finished mask should be applied onto the face, neck and décolleté for a minimum of three minutes. Then remove the mask and wash your face with spring water or carbohydrate mineral water. You can also wash your face with boiled water warm or cold.

Alternatively, you can wash your face with warm milk. After using the mask from rosemary, your skin will become light, and get a light pink, healthy color. The mask from rosemary is excellent, especially for oily and mixed skin. Rosemary also improves microcirculation and deeply cleanses the skin, has antiseptic and strengthening properties.

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