3 homemade anti-aging treatments

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The term anti-aging mean all activities that delay the inevitable process of aging. It is all about healthy eating, exercise and skin care. Anti-aging treatments are offered by many beauty salons, unfortunately, the price leaves a lot to be desired. There are, however, completely free ways to look younger and more beautiful without leaving home. Explore home anti-aging treatments.


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A huge impact on the appearance of your skin is peeling dead skin. With regular applying your skin will be smooth, firm, elastic, free of stains and dirt. However, it is important to taxonomy. You have to do the peeling at least once a week. Do not overdo with it. You can buy ready-made exfoliating gel or cream at the drugstore, or cook it yourself, for example, sugar, coarse salt, coffee, oatmeal. Just add the ingredients to your favorite lotion or plain yogurt.


If you neglect moisturizing your skin, it becomes very susceptible to harmful external factors, and thus, faster aging. So if your skin is dry, you have to remember to use lotion daily. Excellent home anti-aging treatments to your face is green peas. Just cook the peas, mash and mix it with a little cream. So prepared, cooled paste, apply on face and neck for about 20 minutes. Another mask for moisturizing and smoothing mask is potato. We prepare it with two boiled potatoes, they should be crushed and mixed with a teaspoon double cream. Chilled mask put on face and neck for about 15 minutes.


The basis for the pursuit of beauty and youthful appearance of the facial skin is the use of a suitable cream. A must have on sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 It is also important to use a cream appropriate for your age. After 20 years of age should not use anti-wrinkle creams, but we reach the cosmetics that moisturize and nourish adequately skin. The fight against wrinkles can begin after age 30. It should, however, be a gentle cream, not penetrating too deeply into the skin. These creams are more proper for women over 45 years of age. Pay attention to what kind of ingredients contains your cream. Highly moisturizing creams have properties with the addition of olive oil, coconut, cocoa butter, and powdered cow’s milk.

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