Where to spend New Year’s Eve

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Every year, after Christmas, or even for a long time before it, there is the same problem – where to spend the New Year’s Eve. Everyone wants that night to have fun and remember it as the best, because it is one of a kind night of the year. We advise where you can spend a pleasant New Year’s Eve. Every year, up to the last minute you know where to go for New Year’s Eve. But, at the last minute you get the call which makes you not really happy.

Anoop Negi / photo on flickr

Anoop Negi / photo on flickr

If you are in this situation, you may want this year decide on  organizing New Year’s Eve on your won. You will have the influence on who will appear on your “house party”,  which music will be playing, and of course you will not be bothered anymore with the thought, “Where to spend New Year’s Eve?” The organization of such an event it is difficult to find enough friends and best trusted people to  raise money for snacks and drinks, cook some simple dishes, and beautifully decorate the flat. No need to worry about the state of your apartment after a party if you invite really trusted people, who  not only do not cause  any damage, but also will help you clean up after the event. Or maybe you decide to go to celebrate New Year’s Eve, for example, to Polish mountains?

If you plan early enough, you may come across an interesting and quite affordable deal. The advantage of such trips is that in addition to great fun on New Year’s Eve, organized by the resort, you have a range of other activities, such as bonfires, sleigh rides, sauna, spa, and what is the coolest in the mountains – white, winter madness on the slopes and spectacular views. If you can afford it, enjoy a New Year’s Eve abroad. Many travel agencies have interesting deals on how to spend this special night,  which are prepared especially for New Year’s Eve . You can choose for example, a hot, exotic Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, or trip  to one of the major European capitals – London, Paris, Vienna. It is also  interesting to visit our neighbors – the Czechs, Slovaks, Lithuanians. The advantage of such trips is that you can  have an unforgettable adventure and spend New Year in a completely unconventional way, like never before – for example, diving in warm waters, and enjoying the champagne around different customs and traditions.

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