Practical interior design for allergy sufferers

Posted: August 8th, 2013 | Author: | Health Care

Allergy sufferers should not stay inside the dusty and badly or poorly ventilated interiors. It is not recommended to put carpets or rugs on the floor in the room where allergy sufferers live, because in the carpets, on the curtains and other fabrics, there are a lot of dust mites.

Photo credit: mcfarlandmo / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: mcfarlandmo / Foter / CC BY

While decorating interiors, especially for people with allergies, you need to keep special attention in terms of what furniture can be placed inside the room. The comfort of staying for allergy suferers will largely depend on the furniture indoors. Pay special attention to the furniture that has a lot of small parts, because it is the most susceptible to the accumulation of dust and pollen, which have a negative effect on well-being and comfort of sensitive individuals’ everyday life. For these reasons, interior’s design for people with allergies should be done by using a small amount of equipment or objects.

The rooms and other interiors of such furnishing are easy to clean. A small amount of equipment can be easily subjected to daily care. It is worth to pick wooden furniture, mostly made of pine. It has specific properties thanks to which on  the surface of furniture there is not a lot of dust or pollen, which have a very negative impact on health of sensitive individuals. Maintenance of wooden furniture should be done with  special waxes and professional lotions for wood. Maintenance of wooden furniture can be done with a cloth, made of  soft material that will not draw surface of furniture.

Sprays for cleaning furniture, special emulsions for wood, professional lotions can also be used. They prevent furniture from settling  dust, they also nourish wooden surface nicely. Reasonable interior’s design of the apartments and systematic elimination of  allergens by cleaning and washing each elements ensures the well-being of allergy sufferers during meetings and resting. It is very important that the apartment of allergy sufferer should be very functional and clean.

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