Mask of currant and cherry to contract skin pores

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Problems – enlarged pores, skin dirty.

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Recipe for a mask from currants

To prepare this mask you will need the following components:
a handful of black currants,
a handful of red currants,
a handful of cherries without pits,
a teaspoon of potato flour.

How to use the mask

Mash a handful of black and red currants with a fork in a large, deep plate. Remove the pits from sour cherries and mash the cherries with a fork to obtain a homogeneous mass. Add a teaspoon of potato flour. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly to obtain a relatively smooth paste. Apply the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off the mask with warm, boiled water, or spring water.

You can also wash off the mask with warm milk, or carbohydrate mineral water. Black and red currants contain valuable substances for the skin. These fruits are rich in vitamin C, B, beta-carotene, minerals and flavonoids that improve blood circulation. The mask from currants has bactericidal activity, it causes pores contraction. It is a very good mask for oily and mixed skin. The mask from currants can be used by women of all ages, twice a week.

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