How to clean porcelain?

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Those who appreciate beautiful and delicate porcelain may want to expose it in the dining rooms, or in living rooms. To that end, porcelain items can be placed in glazed exhibits in such a way that they are protected against the dirt, dust. It is a very good way to protect these items from accidents.

Photo credit: jenny downing / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: jenny downing / Foter / CC BY

Items made of porcelain cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Dusting the porcelain should proceed with the use of dry cloth or a brush. Such a brush will be perfect when porcelain items have a lot of decorative elements. While cleaning the porcelain, the item should be places in the sink or in a plastic bowl. Plastic will protect the item from accidents. The safest way of cleaning such items is to do it one by one. If the item drops into water, there’s a smaller risk of it crushing with another item. Hand-painted items shouldn’t be washed with detergents.

You must not brush it, as it will damage the item and its elements. Porcelain figures with more complicated shapes, or decorated with various elements, can be cleaned with a soft paintbrush or a regular brush (used for cleaning babies), this will help you reach all hard to reach places. Porcelain figures should be washed in cold water with the addition of lemon, by mixing juice from a single lemon with 1 liter of water. The figures should be immersed in water for some time and then carefully cleaned and wiped dry with a cloth.

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