How to buy shoes online

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Many of us cannot imagine buying shoes without first having them measured. Inability to measure the shoe is not the only drawback buying on the internet. The upside is certainly a wide selection, low price, time saving and opportunity to make a purchase without leaving home.

Éole / photo on flickr

Éole / photo on flickr

Therefore, we advise on how to buy shoes online and the perfect size. First, look through the auction sites or online shops to find the shoes you are looking for. Ideally, if you find on the Internet  shoes, which are available in one of the shops in your area. Then, you’ll be able to go to the store to try on shoes, and order them over the Internet. This is because prices in the store are much higher than at online store, even if we add the cost of shipping. Unfortunately, not all shoe sizes are the same, sometimes  the shoes in your size may be much smaller or too large.

To avoid such a situation, when you shop over the Internet, you need to very carefully measure your foot and compare the result with the one given at the selected auction or at the store. Do not even bother with auction, which does not give the exact size of inner liner, do not take into consideration the assurances of the seller that it is a “standard 38”. To measure your foot length, place it on a piece of A4 paper and mark with a pen or pencil the place where it begins and ends.. Then, use the ruler or tailor’s tape to measure the length. With every purchase,  especially those through the Internet, you do not have a chance to touch and try on  the item. Do not hesitate to ask seller of anything you want to know about the offer . Request to provide more information, photos, etc. Also make sure the seller has a positive feedback, you will have the confidence, that he or she is serious about their customers.

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