3 ways to care for your skin after summer

Posted: December 25th, 2012 | Author: | Beauty

After returning from summer vacation you’re tanned, rested and full of energy. However, did you wonder how such high temperatures affected your skin? The sun and salty sea water can have a devastating impact on our looks, proper skin care after the summer is very important. This article will tell you what it should look like.

how to care for your skin after summer


If during the holiday you were exposed to sun quite often , even if using sunscreen, you should take a look at whether there are any stains or broken capillaries. In the case of stains use peeling and whitening cream appropriate for the type of skin. If spider veins are your problem, drink vitamin C and select cosmetics for the skin with dilated capillaries at the drugstore. In addition, after holidays remember about adequate skin hydration. Do not forget about the daily application of the cream, and from time to time, prepare a moisturizing mask.


Skin care after the summer also involves hands. Do a gentle peeling, just file the nails and use a moisturizer. Give your hands intensive moisturizing treatment. All you have to apply is a thick layer of cream, wear plastic gloves and just go to sleep. In the morning you greet perfectly moisturized, smooth skin of hands.


To prepare your body for moisturizing treatments, start by peeling. When the dead skin is removed and the skin is smooth, Treat your body with intensive hydration. Use a lotion with recovery properties of the fat barrier of the epidermis.

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