Yeast mask to remove acne and cleansing

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Young girls and boys often have problems with acne. This is associated inter alia with puberty and hormonal changes. The skin on your face is shiny.


Recipe for yeast mask for acne removal and facial cleansing

To complete yeast masks the following ingredients are required:
twenty grams of yeast

How to use mask

A very cheap method of removing acne at home is yeast, preferably brewer’s yeast. It contains a lot of vitamins, especially group B, as well as a lot of zinc and inositol. These substances cause the reduction of sebum and they are very beneficial for the skin. Yeast has also a very beneficial effect on the condition of the hair and nails.
To prepare a yeast mask you will need about twenty grams of yeast. It must be thoroughly crushed, then mixed with warm milk. Such prepared mixture should be applied on your face and on the back, if acne also appears there. When the mask thickens, after two or three minutes, the preparation must be removed. Do it with circular movements. Then wash the mask with warm and then with cold water.

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